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Currently there has only been one icon entered and the voting won't be placed up until there are at least seven so please enter here.


You have until Monday (21:00 GMT) to enter challenge three and you can do so by clicking here.

Challenge 2: Winners

There was a tie for third place this week and the banners are all beneath the cut; well done to the winners!

Also; in future challenges would you prefer it if there was a table posted with the winners detailing how many votes each icon got or would you rather it stayed the same. Majority rules.

You can enter challenge three here.

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place (tie)
3rd Place (tie)Most OriginalMod's Choice

Challenge 3: Pilot

Closing Date: Monday 28th January (21:00 GMT)
Type of Challenge: Episode
You may enter up to Four icons
All comments will be screened
You may enter up to Four icons (thought I'd repeat that because for some reason almost everybody seems to enter three each time. Hmm...)
This week's special award will be for Best Crop.

This week's challenge is the first episode of season one. You can use any screencap of any character(s) from that episode and I've provided some underneath the cut. Note however that the closing date for this is Monday rather than Tuesday because I'm going to London for the weekend and won't be able to get to a computer on Sunday night. Voting will be posted on the Monday but will still close on the Wednesday as normal.

You have until 21:00 GMT tomorrow to vote in challenge two (with the winners banners also being posted tomorrow night.)

Voting: Lily

( I'd just like to take a moment to pimp savethe4400 - if you haven't checked it out yet then go over there; you never know what can happen in the future ;) )

Thanks to everyone who has entered (we've got thirteen fabulous icons to pick from this week) so the rules and icons are below the cut...


Current Icons: 13

So far we have 0 entries again for the current challenge and it ends in just a little bit more than 46 hours (at 21:00 GMT on Sunday.) I won't go into a voting stage until we have at least seven icons again so  if you want to enter then please click here:  Lily


Challenge 1: Winners!

Congratulations to the winners, thanks to everybody who voted and I've put the banners behind the cut...

- Click here to enter our Lily challenge

Challenge 2: Lily

Current Icons: 13

This week is the first character/pairing challenge and it's all about Lily!

Closing Date: Sunday 20th January (21:00 GMT)
Type of Challenge: Character or Pairing
You may enter up to Four icons
All comments will be screened

- Your icon can include any characters that you like as long as it has Lily in it. This can be any Lily, season one/two, aged Lily and fake Lily from season four.
- You can use any pictures you find but if you'd rather, you can pick from the pictures below the cut.
- If you aren't able to find a cap but really, desperatly want to do a specific scene then leave me a comment and I'll try and get a picture from it. Unfortunatly I'm unable to provivde any from season four.
- This week's special vote will be for 'most original.'

Voting: NTAC

We had seven entries this week (thanks guys) so the icons and voting rules are below the cut...

Icons...Collapse )




Welcome to 4400icontest, an icon challenge community for the show The 4400. Please see the profile or Information post for more details about this place.
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